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AGELESS FUTURE Snake Venom Cell Renewal Cream

1) Preferably after applying the Ageless Serum, rub the cream onto the face and neck by messaging it in long, light strokes. 2) Smooth the skin as though you were ironing out the wrinkles.

As we get older, we are more likely to suffer from the displeasing effect caused by our biological clock; skin aging. When our skin is aging, it stops renewing itself and loses tone and elasticity, resulting in unpleasant and unsightly lines, wrinkles, uneven tone and overall dullness. Fortunately, after six years of intensive research and development at the Dead Sea Premier Laboratories, our Premier scientists have developed a new concept that successfully combats skin aging— Seamax
Complex. The Seamax Complex contains exclusive Dead Sea minerals combined with extracts from the native Mediterranean plant, Myrtle. While Dead Sea minerals have been used for cosmetics since biblical times, the Myrtle plant rose to fame in ancient Greece, where its unique essential oils were used to prepare “Angel Water”—a liquid believed by Greek women to restore youthfulness and beauty).

This cream helps to revive cellular metabolism and overcome skin deficiencies. It uses the Seamax Complex to improve results in the battle against skin aging. For best results, use together with Detoxifying Mask and Cell Renewal Serum.
2.04 Oz.
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