Original Hand Made Dead Sea Salt Soap – VANILLA MIX


For a pleasant shower that leaves you feeling soft and clean, these handmade soaps use Dead Sea salt to clean deep into the skin and nourish. Natural botanicals moisturize skin and leave a pleasant scent that will brighten the mood of any day. Each available scent suits different people, so you’ll be able to start your day right no matter what you like.

- Soap cleans away dead skin cells, sweat, and impurities as it nourishes and moisturizes skin.

- Pleasant scents leave a light fragrance on the skin so you can have a little touch of delight anywhere you go.

Dead Sea salt: Sea salt has amazing anti-bacterial properties that can kill odor-causing bacteria in sweat. When added to soaps, soap suds with sea salt can also draw out the impurities embedded deep in the skin.

With a loofa, lather the soap and then scrub to wash away sweat, dirt, dead skin cells, and impurities. Rinse away with warm water. Repeat, if necessary.


Aromatic Body Butter - Passion Fruit

Lavish and luxurious, the Aromatic Body Butter is the heavenly solution that you never knew you needed. As you spread it onto your skin, this butter melts at body temperature and skin absorbs all of the essentials it has to offer. Skin is left unbelievably soft you’ll spend the day feeling energized with the uplifting scent of passion fruit.


PRESTIGE Facial Cleanser with Micro Grains

A daily use, high-performance soap-less cleanser enriched with botanical extracts and Dead Sea minerals that is suitable for all skin types. The valuable Dead Sea minerals combined with oils and plant extracts ensure that the skin becomes clean, smooth, and beautiful looking.


Beautifying Luxury Nail Kit - Herbal

Premier hand and nail care products are designed as an invigorating beauty treatment for your nails, to prevent roughness and cracking. While nourishing and protecting your hands and nails. Formulated` with natural mineral-rich ingredients from the Dead Sea combined with liposomes of plant extracts, vitamins A, E, and aloe vera to give your skin youth.



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