PRESTIGE Miracle Noir Mask


The classic mask that made Premier Dead Sea famous has been reinvented. Revolutionary refinements and enhancements have made this newly patented treatment absolutely astonishing. Fine texture, powerful antioxidants, and essential oils leave skin looking and feeling younger than ever. The power of this mask works hours after it has been removed so you only need it once a week.

- Fine texture of the refined mineral mud softens and enriches skin.

- Essential oils intensively moisturize and balance dry skin hours after the mask has been removed.

- This unique formula penetrates deep into skin to deliver active ingredients and transform skin.

Black Mineral Bar: This bar miraculously lifts the mask away after the treatment is done. As it lifts the mask away from skin, it leaves behind a beautiful layer of essential oils that continuously hydrate and moisturize.

Essential Oils: Each essential oil was selected for the sole purpose of hydrating and treating skin. Musk rose oil corrects any redness, eucalyptus oil treats skin and astringes pores, and ginkgo biloba oil targets fine lines and wrinkles.

Dead Sea Mineral Mud: The black mud of the Dead Sea is remarkably concentrated in minerals essential to skin’s health. We refine the mud until nothing but firming minerals like calcium, bromide, magnesium, and potassium are left.

Liposome Complex: Premier’s secret weapon. This botanically derived complex penetrates deep into skin to deliver all of the powers of each ingredient added.

Apply a layer of the mud mask to the entire face avoiding the eye area. Leave the mask on for 10 – 20 minutes. To remove the mask, wrap the black mineral bar in a tissue and glide over the mask on the skin. The black mineral bar will lift the mud away and leave behind a beautiful, glistening barrier of essential oils. The essential oils can then be massaged in and then left on overnight for an intense moisturizing treatment.

PRESTIGE Moisture Complex – Normal to Dry: An everyday treatment that can replenish skin. Skin absorbs this cream right on contact to balance and soften skin.

PRESTIGE Concentrated Facial Serum with Vitamins C&E: To rejuvenate skin, apply this first thing each morning to brighten skin and unlock the hydrating properties of your moisturizer. Skin will start to feel softer, look brighter, and look younger.


PRESTIGE Concentrated Facial Serum with Vitamins C&E

Your new skincare essential. This silky serum is rife with essentials that counteract free-radicals and reverse the test of time. Feel skin lift as you glide this elixir over your contours and t-zone. Skin quickly absorbs this serum to take in the concentration of vitamins. The result is brighter, tighter skin that feels velvety smooth and looks remarkably younger.


PRESTIGE Moisture Complex - Normal to Dry Skin

We’ve taken our award-winning moisturizer and enhanced its innovative formula to provide the best balance. Our signature mineral bar allows the skin to absorb this lightweight complex upon contact. The complex then targets and counteracts causes of aging. The cream corrects skin’s balance and texture to give skin the perfect base for makeup. This complex has been formulated to balance and soften dry skin.


Para Pharmaceutical Facial Exfoliating Gel

Facial therapy in a bottle. This gentle, soothing, soapless cleanser balances and exfoliates skin. Aromatic essential oils balance skin while apricot seed grains exfoliate dead skin away. Dead Sea minerals enrich skin for a brighter, smoother complexion.



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