PRESTIGE Moisture Complex – Normal to Oily Skin


We’ve taken our award-winning moisturizer and enhanced its innovative formula to provide the best balance. Our signature mineral bar allows the skin to absorb this lightweight complex upon contact. The complex then targets and counteracts causes of aging. The cream corrects skin’s balance and texture to give skin the perfect base for makeup. This complex has been formulated to balance and brighten oily, sallow skin.

- This savior of a moisture complex has been perfectly formulated for oily skin.

- This moisture complex targets causes of aging to refresh and renew the appearance of skin.

Aloe Vera: This plant from the desert has a gel-like inside that can be slathered onto damaged or distressed skin to promote better healing. We put this into the Moisture Complex to treat redness or irritation that comes with having sensitive skin.

Musk Rose Oil: Musk Rose Oil is perfect for receding broken capillaries from the surface of skin, which can make skin look redder than it is. With this, skin tone will show a much more even complexion.

Witch Hazel: In oily skin, witch hazel can clarify and tone skin as it astringes pores. This extract is what balances oily skin and creates that perfect foundation for the complexion.

Keep your face damp after washing it, or splash some water on it. Then, massage the blue mineral bar onto your face as if it was a soap bar. Massage it into your skin so your skin can absorb oxygen from the water. Gently pat your face dry and then massage the cream into your skin with soft, circular motions.

If you precede your moisturizer with a serum, use the mineral bar, apply the serum first, and then apply the moisture cream.

PRESTIGE PERFECTION Bio-Performance Liposome Gel Serum: Relieve skin from the feeling of feeling overworked and sallow. Gently pat this oil-free serum onto skin after you’ve used the mineral bar and then massage the moisture cream in to lock and seal a supple complexion.

PRESTIGE BLUE Professional Peeling Mask: Refresh skin once a week with this peeling gel. This peeling treatment improves skin texture, stimulates blood flow, and clarifies pores to give skin a pristine feeling.



Our revolutionary eye cream has been innovated to go above and beyond. The silky cream was designed to protect the delicate skin along the contour of the eye. Now, it fortifies skin and works further to prevent and treat fine lines, puffiness, and darkness around the eye.


PERFECTION Bio-Performance Liposome Gel-Serum

We like to think that this is “nature’s elixir”. This oil-free serum gel is a composition of plant extracts that reconditions, rebuilds, and balances skin. We pack each serum with natural capsules that contain Dead Sea minerals, natural Aloe Vera, Vitamins A & E, and Dunaliella Seaweed. When you continuously use it, your skin will gain the ability to retain precious moisture and nourishing elements.


PRESTIGE Concentrated Facial Serum with Vitamins C&E

Your new skincare essential. This silky serum is rife with essentials that counteract free-radicals and reverse the test of time. Feel skin lift as you glide this elixir over your contours and t-zone. Skin quickly absorbs this serum to take in the concentration of vitamins. The result is brighter, tighter skin that feels velvety smooth and looks remarkably younger.



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