Skin Toner – Normal to Oily Skin


For skin that needs extra care when the day is done. Formulated to remove residue and leftover makeup, this purified toner helps to lift away excess sebum, balance skin, and astringe pores. Unlike most toners on the market, this toner does not contain alcohols that can dry out and irritate skin. Perfect to use after your basic cleanser, this toner leaves skin feeling fresh and clean. When paired with the Milk Cleanser, skin feels soft, silky, and smooth.

Lifts away excess sebum and dirt.

-Astringes pores and maintains skin’s natural balance

calms inflamed skin.

Witch Hazel: This botanical extract is commonly used to lift away residue, dirt, and other impurities. In toners, witch hazel can astringe pores for a fresher look.

After removing makeup or using your normal cleanser, soak a cotton ball or cotton pad with the toner. Gently sweep the cotton along your skin (while avoiding the eye area).

Milk Cleanser – To treat your irritated and inflamed skin, first wash your face with a cleanser that will balance and soothe. Chamomile and musk rose oil alleviate irritation while silky elements smooth and hydrate. When paired with the skin toner, skin feels softer, fresher, and perfectly balanced.

Refining Moisture Cream – When you’re done cleansing and toning skin, this moisture cream is the next step to get perfectly balanced and refreshed skin. Conditioning qualities shrink pores and illuminate the complexion to reveal a brighter, more beautiful you.

Mud Seaweed, and Honey Mask – Skin needs a weekly treatment just as much as it needs daily care. This mask stabilizes, nourishes skin, and firms oily skin to help create a brighter and toned appearance.


Milk Cleanser

The Milk Cleanser is a soothing formula of calming botanicals and nourishing Dead Sea minerals for soft skin that lasts all day. Perfect for the most sensitive skin. Watch combination skin clear up and even out when you use it twice a day.


PRESTIGE Moisture Complex - Normal to Dry Skin

We’ve taken our award-winning moisturizer and enhanced its innovative formula to provide the best balance. Our signature mineral bar allows the skin to absorb this lightweight complex upon contact. The complex then targets and counteracts causes of aging. The cream corrects skin’s balance and texture to give skin the perfect base for makeup. This complex has been formulated to balance and soften dry skin.


PRESTIGE Miracle Noir Mask

The classic mask that made Premier Dead Sea famous has been reinvented. Revolutionary refinements and enhancements have made this newly patented treatment absolutely astonishing. Fine texture, powerful antioxidants, and essential oils leave skin looking and feeling younger than ever. The power of this mask works hours after it has been removed so you only need it once a week.



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