SUPREME Clarifying Lotion


A soothing, softening toner for sensitive skin. While it extracts impurities and removes dirt and makeup, the Clarifying Lotion also nourishes skin with minerals and soothing extracts that leave skin soft and supple.

-Balance skin's PH.

-Extracts impurities, debris, and dirt.

-Leaves skin soft, nourished, and conditioned.

Chamomile Extract: Scientists use chamomile for the soothing qualities that it possesses. As it settles irritation, it can heal inflamed, flaky, and chapped skin.

Dead Sea salt: Dehydration and malnourishment go hand in hand. Dead Sea minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium nourish skin to help it regenerate new skin cells, but it also helps skin to retain hydration.

Musk Rose Oil: While musk rose oil can tighten pores, it also shrinks capillaries close the surface to the skin. This dramatically reduces redness and brings down any swelling.

Saturate a cotton ball with the clarifying toning lotion and sweep it along your face and neck. Continue until dirt and impurities that were present in the skin are all bonded to the cotton ball. No rinsing is required. Continue with other steps of skincare.

Exfoliating Emulsion
This is the perfect weekly treatment for sensitive skin that needs a little extra attention. This soapless cleanser purifies skin, lifts away excess sebum, and it restores skin’s natural balance. Use it up to once or twice a week to improve skin’s texture and balance.

Perfecting Moisture Cream
The final touch to keep skin pristine. This cream nourishes, hydrates, and improves skin texture with one easy application. Skin is in harmony and you’ll have the peace of mind that skin is as it should be. Apply this after you’ve completed the peeling treatment to condition skin and keep it balanced.


SUPREME Brightening And Pore Clarifying Cleansing Foam

As heavenly as Cloud Nine. When pumped through the dispenser, this cleanser foams into a lather that clears and tightens pores. Skin looks brighter, fresher, and pristine. This is perfect for troubled skin that needs a little bit of blemish control.


SUPREME Cleansing Cream

For dull, tired looking skin. This light, gentle, and cleansing cream helps to remove impurities that make skin appear drab and lifeless. Perfect to use in the evening, this cream also nourishes, softens, and balances skin for a transformation that seems to take place overnight.


PRESTIGE Moisture Complex - Normal to Dry Skin

We’ve taken our award-winning moisturizer and enhanced its innovative formula to provide the best balance. Our signature mineral bar allows the skin to absorb this lightweight complex upon contact. The complex then targets and counteracts causes of aging. The cream corrects skin’s balance and texture to give skin the perfect base for makeup. This complex has been formulated to balance and soften dry skin.



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