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Refining Moisture Cream

Refining Moisture Cream

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A multi-task, gentle moisturizing cream specifically formulated to treat the skin for a youthful appearance. Helps to condition and rebalance the skin, leaving it feeling fresh, smooth, moisturized & soft. 


  • Contains a gentle yet effective blend of nourishing oils, vitamins, liposomes, and replenishing ingredients.
  • Moisturises and balances all skin types
  • Helps minimize the signs of aging.
  • Penetrates deeply to recondition skin and alleviate skin fatigue


Cleanse skin and pat dry. Using circular movements, massage cream gently into the skin until absorbed.

Key Ingredients

Liposome Complex: 

A liposome delivery system is key to product penetration and maximum results. Skin, by nature, serves to keep foreign objects and substances out. Liposomes are microscopic spheres shaped very much like skin cells. Liposomes can “trick” the skin in order to penetrate it. More than a cosmetic ingredient, liposomes are also used in pharmaceutical applications for time-release topical medications.

Liposome Complex Vitamin A&E and Encapsulated Vitamin A&E: 

Vitamin A is perhaps the best-known anti-aging ingredient. It’s extremely effective at programming skin cells to behave like healthier, younger cells. Vitamin A and Vitamin E interrupt the free radical damage that causes the skin to look and act older. This antioxidant action helps prevent wrinkles, reverse sun damage, improve discoloration, and increase collagen production. Vitamin E also promotes the growth of new skin cells.