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Improve aging skin appearance with NunaSkin, a revolutionary medical device for home use

Dr. Polina Pniova, Dermatologist at Specialist Aesthetic Medicine, Bulgaria, carrying out skin treatment using NUNA, adapted for home use with technology developed in NASA and studied at Harvard.

The passage of time marks our faces with blemishes we can’t ignore.

Stress and fatigue plague us on a daily basis, and we often turn to any and every marketing advertisement we can find to try and make the resulting wrinkles, pigment spots and wide-open pores fade away.

We often end up falling for the ad that offers us the most innovative cream or serum or mask in the market, then embark on a shopping spree to return with a bag of the latest branded anti-aging products…that end up failing to meet our expectations. Discouraged, we end up turning to still more invasive techniques like Botox, even though we know each treatment will only last a few months. 

Let’s admit it—we all want to look younger, and we don’t want it to look obvious that we went to drastic lengths to do so, but not all of us can afford to spend thousands every few months to achieve that.

NUNA, the revolutionary medical anti-aging device for home use

“The world belongs to the young”

This is a saying that was popular decades ago, but it is sadly still relevant today. All around the world, women are still expected to look like they are perennially in their twenties, regardless of their actual age.

Celebrities worldwide all look ageless too, because there is constant pressure on them to look at least a decade younger than their actual age. Their bodies too are expected to remain firm and young. Did they give birth? Did they age? On social media, their viewers often don’t want to know. And their faces? They’re expected to look as smooth as a young girl’s.

About 45% of Singaporeans (men and women alike) have undergone plastic surgery, or are considering going for it. Why? Because this expectation that they need to look young doesn’t just exist within Hollywood; the expectation exists for all women. There is no exemption for anyone.

Remote work and Zoom drive rise in plastic surgery

Plastic surgeons in Singapore have been reporting a surge in demand for plastic surgery after the start of the pandemic. Having to appear on camera all day while working from home has led to more and more people scrutinizing the way they look. “I would say it’s a busy time for plastic surgeons in Singapore. I have a full diary almost every day,” one of them was quoted as saying.

Continuing with ineffective treatments despite price or pain

Nature is unrelenting, and spares no one’s skin. Time and aging are not the only culprits behind the deterioration of our skin—our local Singaporean climate also plays a big role. The intense sun, dust, air pollution, stress, smoking (whether first-hand or second-hand), unhealthy diets, all do their part as well…and in the evening when you shower, there’s another wrinkle or spot that wasn’t there a week before.

All we want is to feel comfortable with our skin, and be able to face the world awaiting us with our faces held high. To achieve that we buy into the advertisements promising the next expensive cream or serum or essence of youth that will literally help us wake up the next morning looking young and beautiful. But the painful truth is that we pay, we believe, and we realise only over time that we have wasted time and money both.

Don’t despair—hope is here!

Now, it’s time to get rid of your disappointment and frustration and rejoice. A new technology has become available that will finally fulfill your hopes and wishes, most importantly from the very first treatment.

This technology comes from Premier, one of the oldest and most dependable skincare companies in Israel. For over two decades, Premier has consistently innovated new products that have won it numerous international prestigious awards over the years.

Faced with demand from hundreds of thousands of loyal customers for an anti-aging device, Premier’s research and development team joined forces with researchers from the University of Berkeley led by a Nobel Prize-winning professor in the United States.

The result is NUNA, the US FDA-approved anti-aging device suitable for home use, based on technology initially developed by NASA, the American space agency. The approval granted by the FDA, the foremost medical device regulator in the world with its most stringent requirements, proves for your peace of mind that NUNA is entirely safe for use.

The magic begins once the head of the NUNA device touches your skin. Thanks to its unique ergonomic structure, you can now get to the most problematic places with ease, even your eyes, lips, or neck.

4 minutes of treatment is all it takes

The magic begins once the head of the NUNA device touches your skin. Thanks to its unique ergonomic structure, you can now get to the most problematic places with ease, even your eyes, lips, or neck.

How does the magic work? NUNA uses advanced red and infrared light technologies to stimulate natural production of collagen and elastin production that help deal with skin problems such as wrinkles, laugh lines, pigmentation spots, enlarged pores and dull skin.

All you have to do is set aside 4 minutes of your time, 3 times a week. Simply cleanse and dry your face, let NUNA warm up, and move it over the skin anywhere it is needed on your body in a stretching motion for best effect.

It’s important to note that the results of using NUNA are immediately visible and long-term. A Harvard University study of NUNA’s results showed that 90% of participants showed a real improvement in skin texture in the form of pore shrinkage, pigmentation reduction, and smoothening of wrinkles.

The science doesn’t lie—if you want better facial skin and a taut, uplifted look without the outlay of thousands of dollars every month, then NUNA is exactly what you need!

The information on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.



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