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Dead Sea Aromatic Salt Scrub (Gold)

Dead Sea Aromatic Salt Scrub (Gold)

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These natural Dead Sea salt crystals, absorbed into a mixture of carefully selected aromatic oils, enrich your skin with vital minerals from the Dead Sea. The aromatic oils give your skin moisture, nourishment, and a silky feeling.


Dead skin is exfoliated away with the scrubbing action made when you scrub this into the rough or bumpy skin. Dull, tired looking skin will descend down your shower drain when you rinse this off!

Dead Sea salt contains essential minerals and nutrients that nourish and replenish skin. Not only are you taking the bad away, you’re putting the good stuff back in so you can feel better.

Symptoms of skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis, and acne ease away or disappear over time. Not only is this an exfoliating scrub, it’s a treatment that will make your skin look and feel wonderful!

Aches and pains may vanish with the high concentration of minerals as the salts have amazing therapeutic properties! Not only will your skin feel softer, but you may notice that your muscles and joints feel better!


During a shower, take a tablespoon sized amount of the scrub and massage it into your body. Pay extra attention to rough, dry areas.
This can be used on your knees, elbows, and feet if you need to smooth away those trouble areas. Rinse it away with water and pat dry when you’re done.

You only need to use this once a week to get an effective exfoliating treatment!

Key Ingredients

Dead Sea Salt: We use coarse sea salt responsibly harvested from the Dead Sea. Dead Sea salt is famous for how highly concentrated it is with magnesium, bromide, chloride, calcium, and potassium. The salt is used in physiotherapy and other treatments to improve overall health.

Natural Fragrances: Sweet-scented essential oils leave a nice perfume on your skin after you wash it away. Each exfoliating treatment is a little sweeter when you come up smelling like a dream.