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Dead Sea Aromatic Salt Scrub Almond & Lotus

Dead Sea Aromatic Salt Scrub Almond & Lotus

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Reveal softer, smoother skin with our spa-worthy scrub formula. Exfoliate and nourish every inch of your body as you add a veil of fabulous fragrance.


  • Revitalizing essentials create a bath that’s worth basking in.
  • Once you’ve stepped out of the tub and pat yourself dry, you’ll feel rejuvenated and ready for absolutely anything.


Pour one handful into warm bath water. Soak in the benefits for ten to thirty minutes, step out of the tub, and pat yourself dry.

Key Ingredients

Dead Sea Salt: Straight from the Dead Sea, this sea salt contains a high concentration of minerals that restore the natural vitality of the body. In bath waters, the salts create a therapeutic treatment that invigorates and rejuvenate.