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Milk Cleanser

Milk Cleanser

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The Milk Cleanser is a soothing formula of calming botanicals and nourishing Dead Sea minerals for soft skin that lasts all day. Perfect for the most sensitive skin. Watch combination skin clear up and even out when you use it twice a day.


  • Signs of inflammation and redness improve drastically over time with rose oil.
  • Irritation calms itself down so you can have soft, silky skin.
  • As your complexion balances itself out, so will the appearance since skin will appear even and smooth.


Wet your face with warm water, then take the cleanser into clean fingers. Gently massage the cleanser into your skin with soft, circular motions. Make sure that you’re just barely touching your face so you’re being as gentle as you can. After you’ve used the cleanser all over, take a cotton ball soaked with a gentle toner and sweep away the cleanser residue. Do this every morning and every night to keep your skin silky.

Key Ingredients

Chamomile extract: Chamomile is nature’s therapist. Not only does it settle any irritation, but it calms any signs of distress. Chamomile is as perfect for red, irritated skin as it is for your mind and soul.

Musk Rose Oil: Roses are red, rose oil is potent. With this astringent, redness and inflammation in sensitive skin improve drastically. Musk rose oil can also help fine lines and wrinkles shrink and seemingly disappear upon application.