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Prestige Concentrated Facial Serum with Vitamins C&E

Prestige Concentrated Facial Serum with Vitamins C&E

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Your new skincare essential. This silky serum is rife with essentials that counteract free-radicals and reverse the test of time. Feel skin lift as you glide this elixir over your contours and t-zone. Skin quickly absorbs this serum to take in the concentration of vitamins. The result is brighter, tighter skin that feels velvety smooth and looks remarkably younger.


  • Skin tightens and fine lines fade away with continuous use.
  • Dry skin quickly drinks the elixir up and retains hydration.
  • Skin texture smoothes over and transforms into something soft and supple.


After washing your face and patting it dry, apply one full pump to your fingertips. Massage it into your skin with upward strokes until your skin has completely absorbed it. After, apply a moisturizer to seal it in.

Key Ingredients

Vitamin E and Vitamin C:
This duo is a powerful component in this anti-aging formula. Vitamin C removes free-radicals from skin while Vitamin E promotes new skin cell growth.

Rose Hip Kernal Oil:
This regenerative oil is an absolute jewel. Delivered through the liposome complex and then through the oil, this corrects sun damage, age spots, scars, and fine lines.

Retinol is a famous star in the anti-aging skincare industry. We add this to so skin gets an extra boost of youth.

Orange Oil:
Just a little something extra to give your skin a bit of a glow. Orange oil softens and brightens skin to make your complexion illuminate.