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Prestige Moisturising Emulsion

Prestige Moisturising Emulsion

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Oily, sallow complexions need a special type of attention. This newly innovative formula has been designed to deliver that exact type of attention. To correct oily, uneven, and dull skin, this moisturizing emulsion is formulated with plant extracts and the Dead Sea minerals. The emulsion breaks up excessive oils as it balances and properly hydrates skin. Signs of aging disappear and depigmentation gradually fades away. During the day, this moisturizer protects the skin from free-radicals and pollution present in the environment so the skin will always look its best.


  • Erases fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin texture.
  • Lightweight for oily skin that really needs a boost in brightening.
  • SPF 17 for UVA&UVB sun protection. 


After you’ve washed your face in the morning, pump a small amount into your palm and gently massage the moisturizing emulsion in soft, circular motions. Buff it in until your skin has taken it all in.

Key Ingredients

Aloe Vera: This plant from the desert has a gel-like inside that can be slathered onto damaged or distressed skin to promote better healing. We put this into the Moisture Complex to treat redness or irritation that comes with having sensitive skin.

Musk Rose Oil: Musk Rose Oil is perfect for receding broken capillaries from the surface of the skin, which can make skin look redder than it is. With this, skin tone will show a much more even complexion.

Sweet Almond Oil: While this oil is perfect for conditioning skin, it also acts as an anti-aging agent with nourishing and regenerative Vitamin E.